Divorce Help

During my 19-year career in the mortgage banking industry, I have had the opportunity and privilege to help so many people with their home loan needs during various stages of their divorces.

Whether it be a refinancing the marital home to pay off a spouse as part of the settlement, to helping a now-single mom (or dad) buy her first home on her own, to protecting my client’s credit from spousal identity theft (which is a significant issue, think about it), these are just a few of the obvious situations where I provide unique advice and counsel to not only my clients, but their attorneys, as well.

In addition, I ALWAYS offer a free initial consultation and can refer you to a large list of divorce support providers whom I have worked with and trust!

Even under the best of circumstances, divorce is traumatic. My goal and wish for all my clients is to help them navigate through the process and emerge legally, financially, and emotionally intact.

To help you with your real estate, housing, and credit issues related to divorce, I have written a couple of informative articles that I would be happy to send to you:

“After Your Divorce, Where Will You Live?” and “Seven Steps to Protecting Your Credit During Divorce.”

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